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التوصيل المنزلي  المنامة 2 العدد المتبقي
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رسوم التوصيل العادي  مجاناً Wed 23 Sep 2020 اطلب قبل 4:00مساء و احصل عليه

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1 العدد المتبقي


معلومات عن المنتج

رقم الموديل: SM-M307FZWU   رقم المنتج: 100135538

1 ضمان سنة


    • نوع الشاشة: سوبر امولد
    • دقة الشاشة: 2340 * 1080
    • شاشة مرنة: لا
    • حجم الشاشة(بالبوصة): 6.4
    • نظام التشغيل: أندرويد 9.0 بي
    • نواة المعالج: ثماني النواة
    • سرعة المعالج: 2.3 جيجا هرتز
    • شبكة الاتصال: الجيل الرابع
    • اللون: ابيض
    • معرف الوجه: لا
    • مقاوم للماء: لا
    • ماسح البصمة(نعم/لا): نعم
    • حجم البطارية: 6000 ملي أمبير بالساعة
    • الارتفاع: 15.9 سم
    • الطول: 0.89 سم
    • الوزن: 0.18 كيلو
    • ذاكرة / داخلية: 64جيجابايت
    • مساحة الذاكرة العشوائية (رام): 4جيجابايت
    • كاميرا خلفية: 48مع5مع8 ميجابيكسل
    • دقة الكاميرا الأمامية: 16
    • اسم الماركة: سامسونج
    • صنع فى: الهند
    • مدخل بطاقة الذاكرة: MicroSD,up to 512GB
    • اسم السلسلة: جالكسي ام 30 اس
    • مشاركة الطاقة: لا
    • خاصية الاتصال إن إف سي: نعم
    • الشحن اللاسلكي: لا
    • نوع الشريحة: ثنائي الشريحة ناونو
    • توافق الشحن: يو إس بي نوع-سي
    • طراز المنتج: SM-M307FZWUXSG
    • اسم المنتج: جالكسي ام 30 اس



Infinity-U display for a rich viewing experience

Galaxy M30s's big display takes your viewing experience further. The 6.4-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity-U display gives you more room to play and explore. You immerse yourself in all your favorite games, and your favorite vlogs feel like you're really there.


Premium design with a futuristic finish

An 8.9 mm body and comfortable grip for Galaxy M30s, that's just the beginning. What really turns heads is Galaxy M30s's glossy gradation finish. It's unique, eye-catching, and modern with three stunning colors to choose from: black, white, and blue.


Triple camera to share your stories

Three ways to capture what and how you want. Use the Ultra Wide Camera to shoot the moment as you see it, capture memories throughout the day fresh and clear with the 48MP camera, or add background blur with the 5MP Depth Camera to focus on what matters.


Capture your world in ultra wide

See more in your photos with the Ultra Wide Camera. The 80-degree wide angle and 123-degree ultra wide angle capture the scene as you see it, so you won't miss the moment from where you stand. Now it's even easier to get a great panorama.


A camera to let you explore depth

The 5MP Depth Camera lets you adjust the depth of field before and after you nail the shot. The advanced Depth Camera knocks out unwanted background noise from your images to make them look more professional.


A selfie camera to see yourself in a new light

Capture your best angles with Galaxy M30s's 16MP front camera. Use Selfie focus to gently blur the background so all eyes are on you, and get your good side whether you're at a café or at the park.


Performance-boosting hardware for fast speeds and streams

A powerful Octa-core processor and 4GB/6GB of RAM to handle your graphic-heavy games and livestreams at fast speeds. With 64/128GB of internal memory and up to 512GB of external storage, you have plenty of room to stream, download, and post.


Power to get through your day

You spend your days doing what you love, whether it's watching movies or video chatting, so you need a phone that can keep up. That's why Galaxy M30s has a 6,000mAh (typical) battery and 15W Fast Charging. Live life with the long battery power you need to stay connected.


Game Booster gives you the edge

Maximize performance with Game Booster. Cut distractions and up your game with a dedicated interface and easy-to-reach menu. Frame Booster gives graphics smooth, life-like motion. And play at your best as Game Booster learns your usage patterns to optimize battery, temperature and memory.


Fingerprint sensor

Simplify mobile access with security you can trust. Galaxy M30s features a rear fingerprint scanner that enables you to log on to supported apps and unlock your device with ease.


Face recognition

Now you can unlock your phone instantly by simply holding it to your face. Face Recognition technology grants mobile access for you alone, ensuring your personal data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.


Intuitively designed for easy use

One UI Core helps you focus on what matters. The hardware and software work in harmony to intuitively deliver content and features at your fingertips. Night mode helps you wind down your day as it turns to a dark mode to go easy on the eyes for a better night's rest.

Source: www.samsung.com