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Taqsset Extra تقسيط اكسترا
إدفع 5 رس  لمدة 36 شهرا
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المدينة الحالية : الرياض

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غير متوفر

الرياض - الورود

معلومات عن المنتج

2 ضمان سنة


Distinctive designs

These protective covers come in amazing shapes and designs, a soft touch of light silicone, and multiple attractive colours to give your mobile more beauty while maintaining its natural size. 


Integrated mobile protection

The mobile device has become a necessity of life, as it saves massive content in it of contacts, data, pictures and videos, so you should protect it from many weather factors or involuntary movements such as falling, breaking, scratching, etc., here we provide you with Wonderful a protection cover, to protect your device from these sudden conditions, to keep your mobile phone intact in its aesthetic and elegance.

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