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13.900 OR

Product Information

Model No: BSV604AF2M   SKU: 00194696

1 Year Warranty


    • Made in: China
    • Type: Extension Cord
    • Number Of Sockets: 6
    • Brand Name: BELKIN
    • Number Of USB Ports: 2
    • Cable Length: 2 m
    • Product Type: Power Extension


Connect electrical devices safely

The choice of electrical connections is not easy, as it supports certain electrical devices according to energy and efficiency, some of which support devices with electrical energy only, and some of them that support heat-transforming electrical devices such as irons and heating devices, etc. To be used safely.

Smart options

High manufacturing quality and multiple shapes that meet your needs. Some connections are characterized by the presence of USB ports to charge mobile phones and smart devices directly. There is also a smart type that you can control using mobile applications to turn it on and off. All this and more are available within multiple options that suit your uses.