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Model No: 1234560354894   SKU: 100043448

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    • Made in: Turkey
    • Colors: Blue


To make your table abound with the finest variety of cutlery

Arranging the table and preparing it with utensils reflects the refined tastes of every housewife, with luxurious and healthy multi utensil sets. Make your table an artistic painting that brings together family members and guests.

Luxury dining sets in the latest shapes and designs

These high-end tools are made of healthy porcelain for healthy foods, many colours, sizes and designs that decorate the table, their multiple sizes enable you to provide foods of all kinds in addition to soup utensils.

Sweets and cake serving sets

You need tools of another kind and size to serve sweets and cakes, now we offer you a distinguished set of cake serving utensils, made from high-quality healthy materials to preserve the content, and we also provide a set of multi-layer candy serving tools for holidays and events.

Several cups and glass jugs set

Providing water and juices of all kinds through luxurious glass sets, containing the perfect size glass jug with cups sets of various shapes and designs, made of durable glass to withstand the temperatures of cold or hot drinks, you can choose the shape, design and number of cups that suit you.


Serving trays

A distinguished set of durable serving trays, a variety of groups made of durable and stainless steel, and you can choose the waterproof wooden trays in their elegant shape. Other serving trays are made of high-quality porcelain.


Other utensils decorate the table and your kitchen

Here we summarize a variety of household utensils that every housewife needs. We provide you with distinctive kits for preserving spices and grains of all kinds of high quality with a modern design for each kitchen. From food, and to add more beauty to your table, we offer you a table cover of luxurious and patterned fabric to make the trip look the best, there are also wooden bases to customize the coffee corner, its suit every kitchen, and many other tools that we have chosen for you to meet your needs such as the Beverage Dispenser with healthy multi-layer acrylic and faucet to pour juices easily and without drip, and a distinctive set of sharp stainless steel knives for cutting vegetables and fruits, including large sizes for easy meat cutting and maximum comfort for housewives.