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  • We match the competitors’ prices advertised in Oman publications or Oman websites at purchase.
  • Come and take the price difference and cheaper by %10 of the difference in cash, if you find it announced by a competitor at a lower price after the purchase.
  • Come and take the price difference if we reduce the price after the purchase within 7 days.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The customer has the right to get the price difference refunded if eXtra decided to drop the price, or if the item was advertised at a lower price by a listed competitor after the purchase.
  • If a listed competitor announced a product with a less price than eXtra’s price, prior to the purchase, the customer has the right to get this product at the same competitor’s price with an additional discount of 10% from the price difference.
  • The Price Match Policy (PMP) applies to all products sold at eXtra stores or eXtra website in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • PMP applies within 7 days from the date of receiving the product.
  • The advertised product must be of the same brand, model number and country of origin, and shall be under warranty in accordance to the warranty policies applicable in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • The advertised price must be in Omani Riyals, and any other expenses will be calculated if they are part of the offer (such as installing the air conditioners, delivery expenses, or attached gifts if any), and then comparing them to the competitor's price.
  • The products advertised by competitors must be available at eXtra stores at the same time of the claim.
  • This policy only applies on the specific list of competitors which is available at customer service desk in the stores, and only to the competitor that has a physical store in the same city of eXtra store when purchasing from the store.
  • In case of purchasing from eXtra website, PMP will apply on the listed competitors’ websites even if this competitor has no physical store in the customer’s city, as long as this competitor is delivering the same product to this city.
  • The price matching process will be implemented by going to the customer service desk at the nearest eXtra store (whether purchased from eXtra store or eXtra website), and submitting the required data as per the below:
    • eXtra’s Original or Electronic invoice.
    • Copy from competitor’s Ad. from (Newspaper, Magazine, Official social media channels of the competitor, or the official competitor’s website).
    • In case of the digital Ad. (either on the official social media channels or the website of the listed competitor), the store’s representative has to take a snapshot from the Ad. by himself highlighting the date of the Ad.
  • Each customer is entitled to apply this policy and get the price difference for a maximum of one unit from the same product, unless the price reduction was implemented by eXtra, then it applies to the entire quantity purchased of that product.
  • eXtra has the right to change the “Price Match Policy” without prior notice.

These below cases are excluded from the policy:

  • Exclusive offers on eXtra website.
  • Non-received products.
  • All products offered on personal websites.
  • Competitor’s web exclusive offer, flash sale, limited quantity offer, clearance offer, new store opening offer, and loyalty programs or bank cards offers.
  • Any typo mistake in model number or price occurred by eXtra or other competitors.
  • Mobiles phones

That’s all what you need to get the best price!