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Product Information

Model No: HR2505   SKU: 00181804

1 Year Warranty


    • Color: Black
    • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
    • Multifunction: Yes
    • Power: 500W
    • See Through Glass: Yes
    • Auto Shut-off: Yes
    • Made in: China
    • Number of Blades: 2
    • Capacity (Ltr): 1.1
    • No. of Functions: 2
    • Attachments: 2
    • Speeds: 2


Chop onions, grind meat and so much more

At last you can chop like a chef. Philips OnionChef chopper with ChopDrop technology gives you dry, regular pieces of onion and other ingredients. Thanks to the separate high speed blade you can also grind meat, chop herbs and so much more.

ChopDrop technology

Recognizing how unpleasant and difficult chopping onions is, Philips has cleverly developed ChopDrop technology to allow you to chop them like a chef in an easy way. The uniquely designed chamber keeps the onion in, while the three sharp blades are chopping. Once the pieces reach the optimal size, they are dropped in the bowl: dry & regular every time. Perfect for onions, but also other vegetables, fruit, cheese, nuts & more.

Fine chopping with HS blade

Like any other chef, the Philips OnionChef chopper with its additional high speed chopping blade allows you also to achieve finely chopped result of a large variety of ingredients, such as meat, nuts, dried fruit, herbs, Parmesan, chocolate and more. Finely grind meat for steak tartare, meat balls, sauce Bolognese or tacos; prepare homemade pesto and humus, energy bars or simply a fresh dressing for your favorite salad.

Powerful 500W motor

The powerful 500W motor of the Philips OnionChef chopper ensures you can chop even hard ingredients quick and easy.

Source: www.philips.com