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Be the One

This exquisite smartphone adopts a unique Pearl Texture Design that makes it shine through like a timeless ornament, and gives a distinct pattern on each phone with its shimmering Rococo Pearl exterior, letting elegance utterly express every step of the way.

Durable Kunlun Glass, Quad-Curve Display

The 6.67-inch Quad-Curve LTPO screen gives you a smooth grip and immersive view with its 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate. The HUAWEI X-TrueTM Display provides accurate colours and true-to-life details in bright and dark areas. Supporting P3 wide colour gamut, it has gained TÜV Rheinland Colour Accuracy Dual Certification (Colour Accuracy & Precise Colour Projection).

Ultra Lighting XMAGE Camera

The Ultra Lighting Telephoto Camera lets you take pics that look pristine from whatever the distance, whatever the time. The Ultra Lighting Main Camera, boasting an F1.4–F4.0 auto-adjustable physical aperture, helps produce marvellous images day and night with its unprecedented full-path light capturing capabilities. XMAGE styles reproduce colours with distinctive styles that look simply outstanding.

Ultra Lighting Telephoto Camera

Go the distance under the cover of darkness, with a cutting-edge Ultra Lighting Telephoto Camera loaded with Multiple Lens Groups and an F2.1 large aperture that takes in 178% more light to bring out rich details. Just one tap lets you zoom in on tiny, dimly-lit scenes, and makes your masterpieces steadily sharp, free from unwanted blurriness.

Unravels Night Scenes from Afar

Zoom within the full 200× range after darkness descends, and reproduce astonishing nightscapes in HD splendour, with the help of the HUAWEI XD Optics algorithm.

Vibes of Super Moon Scene

Your photos of the moon look more stunningly radiant than ever before. Just point your phone at your desired target and frame it alongside the mesmerizing moon, and fill your photo with moon vibes.

Steer Clear of Blur

The advanced Telephoto Anti-shake Sensor Rotation has made significant improvements on image stabilization consistency among the center and four corners, so that your images look sharper and crisper, with an even shorter exposure time.

Soaring Through the Sky

Capture an eagle flying with unparalleled grace and power in pristine detail with your phone, from far away, a testament to the beauty and majesty of nature.

Ultra Lighting Main Camera

The main camera's massive F1.4 aperture and RYYB sensor boost light intake hugely, producing images of such sharpness, richness, and contrast you'll hardly believe your eyes!

Out of the Shadows

The revolutionary light intake and high dynamic range bring true-to-life details and contrasts out of the shadows, into the open and onto your screen.

Adjustable Aperture for Pro-level Photos

F1.4–F4.0 auto-adjustable physical aperture helps you take photos with outstanding bokeh effects. The aperture will automatically switch to F1.4 for dim-lit scenes to bring out the best darkness has to offer, to F2.0 for the fine-grained magnificence of bright landscape, and to F4.0 for groupies that feature focused portraits and tailored depth of field.

Textured Imaging with Breathtaking Detail

HUAWEI XD Fusion Pro's bold-new texture engine is packed with a texture imaging channel, which precisely reproduces the details of objects in collaboration with the AI learning algorithm whether it's glistening glass or intricate leather fabric so what you see is what you'll get.

A Light Touch on Videos

Ultra Lighting Video is designed to turn your telephoto night videos into blockbusters with eye-catching clarity. HDR Vivid Video ensures each frame is rich in texture and contrast, resulting in a much desired visual quality.

Never Just Call It a Night

Unravel new mysteries and tell new stories after dark, by capturing vivid night shots that speak for themselves. Prowl around and see what you can find from nearby neon to far-off skyscrapers.

Shoot for the Moon

Seize the occasion of a moon-lit night, and capture the Super Moon Scene for the more important things that you'd like to squeeze into the frame. Aim your phone at the sky and shoot away to capture those moments of natural beauty in your gallery be it sunrise, sunset, or a starry, starry night.

Fabulous Portraits in Every Facet

Experience next-level telephoto portraits by zooming in on your subject, so they stand out through a natural bokeh effect. When taking portraits at night, a slight amount of light will bring out the beauty veiled in the darkness.

Leading the Style

Choose a XMAGE style you prefer for the freedom to paint outside the lines of each shutter press. Opt for Original to capture your world in dazzling true-to-life colours, select Vivid to infuse your pics with an extra vigorous flavour, or try Bright to lighten up your images for the sparkle you're looking for.

Shooting Made Easy

The phone's all-new Camera Zoom Ring and Quick Menu are sure to spruce up your shooting experience, by putting everything you need within finger's reach.

The Fast Goes Even Faster

Turn Turbo mode on to boost the battery to 50% in just 10 minutes, with 88 W HUAWEI SuperCharge. Robust 4815 mAh battery and BatteryCare optimizations further prolong battery life to help you get the most out of each charge.

Designed to Stay Durable

The phone's Kunlun Glass receives the five-star glass drop-resistance certification from Switzerland's SGS. The overall drop-resistance is boosted 10 times. And IP68-rated splash, water, and dust resistance give you extra protection against daily mishaps.

3D Weather AOD at a Glimpse

Glance at the screen and immediately see a 3D weather animation, and check the weather for your city in a whole new way.

Slim, Lightweight Quad-Curve Foldable Design

239 g Quad-Curve Body⁠, Slimmed Down to 5.3 mm thickness⁠, Advanced Lightweight Materials, Comfortable to Grip.

Durable Kunlun Glass

10x More Drop-resistant Kunlun Glass, 4x More Impact-resistant Foldable Interior Screen, Switzerland's SGS Five-star Reliability Certifications⁠.

Same Great Views on Two Screens

HUAWEI X-True™, TÜV Rheinland Certifications (Colour Accuracy & Precise Colour Projection)⁠, Ultra-high Resolution, 426 Pixel Density, 1.07 Billion Colours, Intelligent Light-Sensitive Display.

Innovative Foldable Features

New Flex-Stop Mode Interactions, One-Step Split Screen, Custom Split-Screen Combos, Dual-screen Layout.

Ultra Vision XMAGE Camera

5x Optical Zoom⁠, 50 MP Ultra Vision Camera, XMAGE Style, Rear Camera Selfies, Fast Snapshot, Flex-Stop Photography.

Powerful Performance

IPX8-rated Water-resistance⁠, 4800 mAh Battery⁠, 66 W Wired⁠ and 50 W Wireless HUAWEI SuperCharge⁠, Low-Battery Emergency Mode.

Gaze into the Future

The rear camera layout resembles the shape of a spacecraft porthole, which has been crafted by a custom diamond blade, a process that takes 29 steps and 12 hours, with an exquisite contrast between its satin and polished surfaces, giving the look and feel of a luxury timepiece.

Elegance that Enchants

The Anti-Fingerprint Feather-Sand Glass with a microcrystalline structure is set to amaze the eyes and soothe your skin with every touch. HUAWEI Mate X3 also comes with a Vegan leather version, featuring an ultra-thin layer of delicately-textured, skin-friendly material for timeless aesthetics.

A Body to Behold

Introducing the world's first quad-curve foldable smartphone a future-proof design that ushers in a revolutionarily contoured body. Solid as the phone is, its four edges are softly rounded for handling comfort, bolstering an exquisite sensation that lingers with time.

Slimmed Down, Spruced Up

HUAWEI Mate X3 has set the standard for how a slim and light foldable smartphone should be, by taking full advantage of a new-gen multi-dimensional hinge to ensures compactness when folded and ultra-thin when unfolded, an ultra-slim Type-C component,, and ultra light and strong aluminium, as well as other materials, such as innovated carbon fibre, for reduced weight.

HUAWEI X-True™ Two Screens to Savour

As the first foldable smartphone to garner two TÜV Rheinland certifications (Colour Accuracy & Precise Colour Projection)⁠, HUAWEI Mate X3 brings true-to-life details right in front of you, supporting 1.07 billion colours and groundbreaking HUAWEI X-True™ technology. Thanks to its Intelligent Light-Sensitive Display, the screens deliver consistent viewing experience, whatever the occasion is. The interior screen's anti-reflection layer keeps the view clear, even under direct sunlight.

Opens Up as You See Fit

Put your caller on top, and mute the call, invite others, share the screen, or more with the controls in the lower half of the screen.

The demonstrations are for reference only

Just place the phone on a surface and unfold it to your desired angle, then start capturing those precious moments..

Wet Screen? Scroll On!

While enduring splashes with its IPX8 rating⁠, HUAWEI Mate X3 can even respond to your touches when the screen is wet which comes especially handy in a drizzly day.

Kunlun Glass, Solid as Ever

The durable Kunlun Glass exterior screen is 10x more drop-resistant⁠, which has obtained a five-star drop-resistance certification from Switzerland's SGS.

Durable from the Inside-Out

The multi-layered interior screen⁠, including a layer of non-Newtonian fluid materials, is 4x more impact-resistant, making it the industry-first foldable display to pass the Switzerland's five-star SGS impact-resistance certification.

Lasts Longer, When You Need It the Most

The phone can keep going for much longer with its 4800 mAh large battery⁠ and bounce back even faster via 66 W wired⁠ or 50 W wireless HUAWEI SuperCharge. 7.5 W Wireless Reverse Charging allows you to charge your other devices when you're in a bind⁠. Low-Battery Emergency Mode will kick in when the battery level drops to 1%, giving you enough power for 12 minutes of calling, or three hours of standby.

Gets Cooler for Both Sides

The new-gen cross-hinge cooling system utilizes a unique flexible conductive layer to shift heat across the dual parts of the screen with a 20% larger heat dissipation area, striking balanced heat dissipation across the hinge. The 1800 W/m·K ultra-high thermally-conductive graphene layer helps the phone keep its cool, even when it's handling a lot.

Ultra Vision XMAGE Camera

HUAWEI Mate X3 packs a 50 MP Ultra Vision Camera, 13 MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera, and 12 MP Periscope Telephoto Camera, which supports 5x optical zoom⁠, to capture your timeless memories in breathtaking splendour. The fast snapshot algorithm is now faster, to ensure that no moment ever passes you by. Three XMAGE styles Original, Vivid, and Bright paint your world in the striking colours that appear in front of you.

Just the Light Touch

HUAWEI Mate X3 comes with an RYYB sensor, which takes in 40% more light, to generate vivid images, even in dimly-lit environments.

Detail Beyond the Eyes

The periscope telephoto lens supports a maximum of 5x optical zoom⁠7 and 50x digital zoom, and can capture details that naked eyes would miss, of scenes from far away.

Seize the Moment

When it comes to snapshots, timing is everything. With a shorter shutter delay, transient moments can be captured forever.

Capture a Micro World

Explore micro worlds using the ultra-fine 2.5 cm super macro, with crisp and sharp details, filling your life with unexpected wonders that have passed you by.

                Selfies with Rear Cameras

Preview your selfies on the exterior screen, to get the perfect shot each time.

Pro Portrait Studio

A brand-new portrait algorithm is able to bring out authentic facial features, and even reproduces the effects of cosmetics. The spot blurring algorithm blurs out the background in a natural way, so that the subject can stand out from their surroundings.

Groufies in Flex-Stop Mode

Place the phone steady in front of you and your family, without having to hold it up or use a selfie stick, then let freestyle photography come into play!

Low-Angle Shooting in Flex-Stop Mode

Love snapping pics of your pet? Place your phone at a good location and angle, so that it's ready when the moment is right!