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Select eXtra GiftCard amount
50 SR
150 SR
500 SR
1000 SR
Terms and Conditions
  • (eXtra Gift Card) is valid for use in all eXtra stores and on eXtra website inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • More than one gift card can be used in the same invoice/transaction with a maximum limit of 4 cards per each invoice/transaction.
  • This card is valid for 12 months from issuance date or until the full value is consumed, whichever comes first, and the validity date of expired cards cannot be extended.
  • (eXtra Gift Card) cannot be exchanged, refunded, returned, reloaded, redeemed in excess of its value, redeemed for cash, refunded for cash or transferred to another account.
  • The verification PIN of (eXtra Gift Card) must be entered upon each usage or remaining credit check.
  • The gift card number and verification PIN can be obtained by:
    • Scratching the back of the printed card from eXtra stores.
    • Receiving e-mail message in case of card’s online purchase.
  • The owner of the Gift Card is solely responsible for protecting this card and the verification PIN from any unauthorized use.
  • The customer cannot use the old version of the Gift Card issued by our stores to buy from eXtra website. Only the new version can be used to buy from both stores and website.
  • The Gift Card cannot be refunded at any of extra stores if the customer wants to return the purchased products, and the value of the card or part of it will be returned on a new card to be used in extra in accordance with the eXtra’s Return & Exchange Policy.
  • eXtra shall not be liable if any Gift Card is lost, stolen or damaged, or if the Customer's Gift Card is used without his/her permission.