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Corporate Sales

We are pleased to introduce our company and the services that we offer.

With +12 Million shoppers, eXtra is the destination and the most popular electronics store with 42 stores across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and 2 stores in each of Bahrain and Sultanate of Oman.

eXtra is pleased to introduce a new service dedicated for companies and projects, in which we offers all the leading international brands and stocks an extensive product range including TVs’, audio systems, computers, mobile phones, IT communications, cameras, home appliances, personal care products and all ACs’ categories. The product range is supported by comprehensive after sales services such as extended warranty, free home delivery and AC installation.

In addition we offers anytime anywhere computer maintenance, remote assistance over the phone 24 hours 7 days a week, and mobile setup with total back-up and maintenance through its trade mark Force 24/7. With 3 dedicated service centers across the kingdom, eXtra also offer household machines and electronics repairs.

Backed by a professional and a dedicated team eXtra can provide you with consultancy and after sales service programs of products having the options and specifications that suits your need for the correct price. You can also benefit from our unique gif card program that can be offered as a valuable gift to your employees or customers. And finely extra offer several payment facilities’ methods that can meet your requirements.

We are glad to receive your queries and request on:

Tel : +966 13 829 9600
Fax: +966 13 858 1166
Email: corporate.sales@extra.com